“Frozen Inside”

Frozen Inside

I didn’t realize it until I finished this photo, but it’s perfect for the weather. These last weeks have had so many days below zero. Honestly, I think winter is sort of..interesting, but can it be Spring already?

Frozen Inside

I’m trying to make my photos show my feelings as much as possible, and although I’m not really sure what this means, a part of me is just frozen. I thought of this idea when I saw Frozen. Originally it was going to be an exact copy of the scene where Elsa is chained, but because of lack of props and things that happen along the way, it ended up like this. And I’m quite happy with it. I’m excited for the next one.

I’ve been doing a little better, I live for the moments when I get in a weird, very good mood out of nowhere. I hope you’re all well, we’ll talk soon.

Life Resume.

life resume

There is just something about the thought of doing the same thing your whole life that makes me feel desperate and fills me with an incredible sadness. I guess it’s just not doing the same thing, but knowing how it’s going to be. I’m aware that you can’t really know how your life is going to turn out because a one second moment can drastically change it but..knowing how it’s potentially going to be like, freaks me out.

Being in school for twelve years, in college for at least another four, and then 40 on the same job. That’s not how I see life. Not my life, anyways. The thought of not being able to do a different thing terrorizes me but I have faith that I won’t.

As much as going to college, to study something is somehow comforting and makes you feel safe because there’s more possibilities of having a stable life, that’s not what I want on my life resume.

life resume

I want adventure and crazy experiences. I want something different every day. Things worth telling. My life has been too safe till now. Too safe. This doesn’t mean that from now on I will be taking drugs and having sex with everyone, but I do want to take risks and live a little more on the edge. Not making decisions based on how my reputation is going to look like, but for me. Saying yes to things that may seem a bit crazy. And just worry more on how my decisions are affecting my present, not my future.

What do you want on your life resume?

Thank you,




Finally! I told you that my motivation could come back in a week. Honestly, I’ve been lacking because it’s so hard to go outside in a dress when it’s very cold after you come tired from work. Plus, being alone with no help doesn’t help either.

But yesterday, I told myself not to make any excuses anymore and just do it. I almost postponed it again because of the weather but oh well…I knew that I was never going to do it if it was going to depend on the temperature.


You can’t imagine my smile when I was finishing editing it. I came back and I feel more inspired than ever. I feel like this was the perfect concept for this photo because it’s really representing me right now. I just got caught up with work and my obligations. I didn’t even bother to take off my tapes of my fingers, thank god it   went well with the idea of the photo.

I’m not going to keep rambling for this post, so I’m just going to go. I hope you like this one as simple as it is. I’m happy I’m motivated again. Have a great day.

P.S. Can you believe that some guy came to me at work and he was like “How did a 14 year old ended up working here?, you look like a baby.” -______- NO. I can accept that I look 16 but 14?? Come on. He wasn’t funny.

Thank you,


Dream Big And Travel A Lot..


Sometimes, if inspiration doesn’t come to you, you have to go and look for it. Sometimes you have the inspiration, but not the motivation. And again, you have to go look for it. BUT sometimes, you just have to wait. And let everything fall into place.

I moved here, to the US, with the dream of having more places and things to use in my photos. And while snow is new for me, and I was excited to incorporate it in my photos, it has become harder and harder for me to shoot.

Maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time at work, or because now I don’t have my parents or brother to go and shoot with me, but I’m lacking motivation. I think of doing one, and it seems so hard. I never have the props I need, these days have been cold..and I don’t know. Yesterday, I tried to do one, and completely failed. I didn’t even put too much effort. That’s why I decided to stop for a moment. Not force it. I’m going to wait until I feel really inspired and motivated to do one. Maybe it’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. But I can’t force it.


Regardless of my lack of everything, I did this little illustration of how I feel about life. My perfect combination, dream and travel. After going to NY, and after working in the hell that I do, I’ve been getting more and more determined to dream big and visit a lot of places. Life is full of different opportunities, and staying in one place and think the same thing your whole life, is a complete waste. That thought make me feel at ease sometimes.

I hope I can create something again soon. I sure miss it.

Thank you,


Types Of People At Work

Jumping into the professional world has been crazy, hard and weird. Although I don’t like it, I have to admit, it’s been quite funny to see the different kind of people that you can find at work. These are the ones that I’ve come across to in mine.

The one that looks like a serial killer. There hasn’t been a time where you have seen his eyes because he’s always wearing a hat that cover more than hats should. No interactions with others, just standing there as creepy as he can be, looking deeply at you.

The one that always shows more than people want to see from him, if you know what I mean. Like, is it that hard to pull your pants up? Very long hair, and every time you let your hair down, he looks at you jealous because yours is longer.

The one that’s a little crazy. Randomly singing things that don’t make any sense. Suddenly blessing every cycle he does. Pointing at things and doing weird body movements out of nowhere. And laughing like a maniac.

The one that stops you to tell you you’re cute and then never looks at you anymore, but almost on purpose. 

The one that no matter how many times you have ignored, keep asking questions.

The one that always he has an opportunity, mess with your tools and stick a paper on your back. That’s cute, actually.

The one that used to eat lunch in the restrooms, never speak with anyone and when she does, her answer is either “yes” or “no”. *oh wait, that’s me* (I’m exaggerating people, although I did used to eat lunch in the restrooms hehe, but not anymore)

P.S. I’ve actually been getting so much better, I haven’t got so desperate these last few days. Today, a guy came to me asking me where I was from and those sort of questions and I answered like a normal person, not like a person who only knows how to say “yes” and “no”.

P.S.P.S. Why did that guy stopped looking at me? HeyDid I stop being cute? I don’t know what’s wrong with me, it’s like I want someone to ask for my number or something but at the same time I don’t. I think I’m desperate, I need a friend. Yes, I’m desperate.

Thank you,


Chin Up – Inspiration

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One of our fellow bloggers is finding it tough right now, so I thought this would be a good time to add to my inspiration page with messages to help her get through it.  I also wrote this little thing, I struggled when I was younger, to see things in a positive way, but I got there, because everything that happened taught me how to survive anything.

Chin up little girl, you won’t be little long.

Chin up little girl, none of this is wrong.

Keep your head up girl, it is the way it is.

Keep your head up girl, there’s more to come than this.

One day you’ll look back and see the girl you were.

Smile you will, not weep for her, the girl that got you there.

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I Won’t Give Up.

This week there’s only one post. No photo. No motivation. No inspiration. All because of my new definition of hell; my job.

You know, I really thought that I had an idea of what it was to hate something. I was more than wrong. What I knew was love in comparison to what I feel. I would like to have a much better attitude, but I just want to cry and never go back.

When I’m there, I swear minutes last longer than 60 seconds, I swear. It’s insane. I don’t know if I told you, but at least, the second day, I became a pro at what I do and now I do it very fast. Everyone, even people that don’t work at my line, congratulate me. But still, as easier as it got, it drives me crazy. Literally. My fingers hurt from all the pressure that I have to do, I don’t know if what I have are blisters or something like that but I have to always be with cloth tape on them because otherwise I would not be able to do my job. I’m full of bruises and I can’t stand my feet, back, neck and shoulders. I’m a disaster and my body is not appreciating this experience at all. I may be sounding a little melodramatic but believe me, this is not pleasant.

Plus, the social thing is…horrible. I thought I knew English, but do you know how many times I have to ask people to repeat what they said to me? A lot. Sometimes I pretend that I don’t hear them and just not answer. They should be thinking that I’m a bitch, and seriously I don’t blame them. I just feel so dumb and stupid. I wish I could connect with them but..*sighs* oh well. I guess I’ll learn.

On top of everything, I can’t punch. It takes three seconds for everyone to punch, and I just can’t. The machine doesn’t want to read my finger, so I have to always look for the person in charge of that so that she could punch me in and out. WHY THE HELL ME? WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FINGER?

As hard as this is, I just want to challenge myself to bare these three months because I’m going to be so freaking proud. I’m miserable at the moment, but I want to be able to do it, and see if I can understand black people better (not being racist at all, it’s just that they speak a little faster and in their own way, so for people like me it’s a little bit harder). I don’t know, I hope next time I talk to you, I’m feeling better.

Hope you have an awesome day and week.

Thank you,