First Post-Little Introduction.

Well..I’m not sure where to start..I’m here because I decided to do something and that something for now is going to be writing(which I love but I’m afraid of)..I’m sorry if I say something wrong..I don’t know how to speak English that well yet.I would do a better job writing in my language but I don’t like it so I’m trying not to suck that much with this blog.You need to know that I’m extremely shy and over think way too much so that doesn’t help me at all to do the things I want to do in my life.I live so frustrated and mad at life(or me) because I don’t have any talents(at least not that I know of)..that makes me so sad.I only have one friend(one good friend) but he is like me so we can’t help each other.My passions are photography, film, and writing.Currently I’m studying film.. I wanted to study it in United States but that’s not possible for now because I’m afraid to speak English and I don’t have anyone there so yeah.. that’s my biggest frustration..but I know eventually I will.I have so many problems that I can’t talk about right now but I will in further posts.The main reason why I’m doing this blog is to find know me be able to listen to my thoughts.I don’t know if what I just wrote makes any sense, if you understood what I tried to say.I’m sorry, I just need someone to listen.


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