How not to be afraid? Is it really possible? Maybe..but I don’t know how to! I’m always afraid..afraid of people, afraid of challenges, afraid of thoughts, afraid of my possible future, afraid of life..and afraid of ME. Being in my comfort zone is so easy..it’s like I’ll never leave this hole because it’s simple being here. And everyday I tell myself that I will get out eventually..but that’s the problem..everyday is just a normal day. I’m afraid of being like this the rest of my life, to never change. I know what everybody thinks..”it’s up to you”..yeah exactly..it’s not easy and I know everything can’t be easy but I don’t know how not to think and just do the things I need to do. I have so much to give, I’m certain of that..but how will I get out of this thing holding me back? I’m so afraid.


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