Suddenly, the sun is brighter
Suddenly, the moon is whiter
Somehow I just changed
Now I feel I’m better.

Perhaps this is a fantasy
Maybe just a phase
It could be a step forward
But life is prettier, either way.

Yesterday, I was deaf
Today, I can hear everything
I can hear the rain in my heart
I can hear all the signs.

In one blink, in one smile
the fire started to grow
the clouds fade away
and I got over myself.

I can see the music
I can see the wind
I can feel my thoughts
I can be the love.

Everything is unclouded
The places are bigger
The universe is talking
And all of a sudden I’m listening.

I’m walking the way of my journey
The journey I was afraid to have
The opportunities I was missing
The life I was deflecting.

I have nothing to cry about
The darkness dissapeared luckily.
I’m not the victim anymore
And I’m glad it came so suddenly.


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