I wish we could all speak the same language. Languages are a big obstacle for those who want to try new things and opportunities, like me. I live in Puerto Rico and I don’t speak English. I understand and can write a little bit but I don’t know enough to go to USA. This has been my wish since a long while ago. I want to study and live there but right now it’s impossible because:

I’m only eighteen.

I don’t know how to do things alone.

I don’t have money or someone there that I can stay with.

And most important, I don’t speak English, therefore, I can’t work or study.

I’m trying to do the impossible to go there but I’m running out of options. I wish there was some work that don’t require English so much but I can’t think of anything for someone like me. I’m looking for bilingual colleges but I’m not having luck for now. I recently finished my technician certificate and now I’m not doing anything, just waiting for a miracle. And I can’t be like this for a lot of time. I wish there was something I could do but honestly I don’t know anymore what to think or do. I’m willing to do anything at this point.

I’m trying to write every day to improve my English but no matter how much I know, I’m too afraid to speak it. When someone ask me to try, I just can’t. Words just don’t come out. I’m really mad a t myself for that because I’m afraid that if I get an opportunity to go there, I wouldn’t do anything because of my stupid fear. And I don’t know what else to do to learn more because I do everything in English, I write in English, all my books are in English, everything I watch and hear is in English. What else can I do? I still don’t know enough.

I have hope that something will come up and I will be able to move there this year. I really need a miracle.

Thank you so much if you read this.


3 thoughts on “English.

  1. You write superb. Yeah, I can write Korean a little, but I am scared to speak it, I mean, my accent, and just the words will come out in slurs. But just have confidence. šŸ˜€ You write very well, so just try to sound out the words, and it will go well šŸ˜€

    1. Thank you..

      Oh you know korean? I love korean dramas!

      And yeah..that’s exactly my fear with English..but I know I’ll be able to speak it eventually.

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