Changing my attitude.

I remember being very positive when I was little but something changed while growing up. I became more and more shy and dark and that turned me into a negative person. It’s not that I always thought negative things and thought that everything was bad, but I wasn’t so positive as I was before. Even though I had good things and not everything was bad in my life, except the fact that I had social anxiety and that kept from doing certain things that I wanted to do, I had the habit of feeling miserable and making myself the victim. It somehow seemed more easy thinking everything was bad in my life than wanting to change and have hope that I was going to make the things I needed to do and be grateful and happy. Sometimes I managed to be positive and smile but it would pass quickly. I felt like if i decided to be happy I wouldn’t been interesting as a person, that I wouldn’t have that mystery I had. I was scared that if I talked more to people and not be so shy and do great things, I would fall apart from the person I was, who I really loved in so many ways even though I felt miserable. I wasn’t ready to become another person.

But this year, i decided that it was time to let go of those things that I didn’t need anymore. I decided that I have to be thankful because maybe I don’t have many friends but the ones I have are wonderful. Maybe I don’t have talents that I’d like to have but the ones I have are everything to me. Maybe I don’t live in USA like I wish and I’m afraid of doing things that I have to do in order to make my dreams come true but I have an spectacular family that I know will help me fulfill all of those things. And most important, I have hope.

  • Making yourself the victim when you don’t have reasons just because it’s more easy doesn’t make you interesting. It makes you a coward.


  • I realized that changing my attitude is not going to make me fall apart from the person I was, but make the person I was much better.


  • From now on, I decide that I want to be happy.

If you read this, thanks.


12 thoughts on “Changing my attitude.

  1. This is really inspirational! I find myself focusing on the negative a lot, but like you said it is important to be lucky for the things that you do have! Love this post! (:

  2. “I felt like if i decided to be happy I wouldn’t been interesting as a person” – I thought the same too! I’m glad you could break free and finally be more who you want to be. I found your blog today and read through your posts, you’re very inspirational, I wish you all the best in the US! 🙂

      1. de nada jiji sí, mi novio es uruguayo y viví un año allá. Qué interesante que eres de Puerto Rico, no sé casi nada sobre este país 😮

      2. Oohh que interesante!! Pues yo no soy exactamente fan de PR so no soy la persona apropiada para hablarte de el. Pero que bueno tener a alguien aqui que hable español :D!

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