It’s the “what”, not the “how”.


I don’t want to keep saying the same thing over and over again in my blog, but it frustrates me so much that I can’t write like others. I’ve been reading some blogs and I’ve been feeling a little intimidated, I must say. As I mentioned before so many times, I don’t know English that much, I don’t even speak it. The things I know are from the books I read and from the tv and music. And it’s a struggle to write in a language that is not yours. The people here write so beautifully with fancy word and all that. I can’t do that with English. Of course, I could if I did it in Spanish…and you must be saying “Well, then write in Spanish and stop complaining”, but that’s not the reason why I started this blog. I like writing and reading in English and because I want to improve it, I decide to make a blog in which I would try to post something everyday. So I’m very sorry that my writing is far from being brilliant.

But you know what? In some cases of life the “how” is most important than the “what”. But not in my blog. In my blog I don’t only want to put random thoughts that I need to get out of my system, I want to put thoughts of mine that in some way can help other people, even if it’s just one, I want to be able to inspire someone. It doesn’t matter if I write like someone from elementary school, what matters is my intention with it.


This is the same for a lot of things in life. Sometime we get intimidated because we keep comparing ourselves with others that we think are better. Stop doing that. Just worry about the message that you want to project with whatever it is that you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if someone can do it better. Don’t let that keep you from wanting to inspire others. Remember it’s the “what”, not the “how”.

A while ago I wrote a post about envy and comparing yourself to others. So, If you haven’t read it, go and check it out

If you know of some topics that I can talk about that maybe could help other people, leave them in the comments. I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you to my followers and whoever read this.



2 thoughts on “It’s the “what”, not the “how”.

  1. I love your honesty. That inspires me. Too many writers try to be “cool” or “trendy” or seem like they have all the answers. Your authenticity inspires me. Thank you for being you.

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