Monthly Favorites: January.


Hey, today I decided to do something new with my blog. I came up with the idea of the monthly favorites. From now on, each last day of each month I will share with you my favorite post from that month. Sometimes it can be more than one, but today I only chose one.

My favorite post this month is about a woman who decided to donate her hair because she doesn’t have to depend of it to feel pretty. I chose it because of the beautiful way that she describes the whole process. It inspired me so much. What captivated me the most, wasn’t the fact that she donated her hair but the reason why she did it.

Go and check it out. It’s beautiful.

Beyond 101: Donate my hair*

If you think this is a good idea (not the hair thing, the monthly favorites), I invite you to do it with me. If you’re going to do it tag it with:  “monthlyfavorites”

It’s just a suggestion, but I think it could be fun.

This month, blogging has turned into part of my life and the experience has been amazing. Thank you to those who read and to those who told me beautiful things.

Thank you,



3 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites: January.

  1. Minnie, thank you so much for selecting my post as one of your Monthly Favorites! I am genuinely honored, truly touched, and deeply humbled. Thank you!

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