Thoughts on my generation.

My generation? I often find myself thinking that I don’t belong in this generation. I know I’m not the only one, a lot of people say that because of the music and tastes and other similar stuff. I say it because of the people. The thoughts of the young people now a days scare me. I envy my father when he tell us about his childhood and all the crazy adventures they had. I wish I could have lived in that time. Now everything is so superficial, in so many ways. People focus on the wrong things. People don’t have dreams anymore, they don’t care about each other, they only want material things. It’s such a shame because there is a lot of talent and potential in this young generation but the only things they do is stand in front of a tv all day playing games about pure violence, being on the internet having a massive sedentary life, focusing on only sex, drugs and alcohol. 

It always frustrates me so much when I’m watching music awards because EVERYTHING is about sex. All the songs, all the movements, all the clothes are the same. They make me sick. I’m tired of watching the same stuff happening over and over again. Where are the artists with great meaningful lyrics and songs that are not made in a computer. The ones that are like that are not famous, unfortunately because people want sex. I’m not saying sex is bad, but not everything can be about that.

And what about technology? It’s killing us. I mean, without it I couldn’t be doing the things I love but it’s advancing so much that in 30 years the kids are going to do absolutely nothing. And that’s sad.

There are so many things that make me want to live in another era, but despite these things our generation has also great people who care, who dream, who want to help those in need of help.

Congratulation to those who want to make a difference.

What are your thoughts on this generation?

Thank you, 



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my generation.

  1. I agree with you, this generation sucks. It lacks originality. I wanna be in the 18th century like the English society where there were ballrooms. It would be a dream to be in it for a bit, or even 80s or 90s, I am stuck in love with NSYNC 😛
    This century is bullshit lmao

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