Do you ever feel like you don’t have any talents whatsoever? Like everyone around you can paint, play an instrument, sing, dance, etc, and you can’t find what you’re good at? I used to feel that way every single day. Fortunately, I don’t anymore. I believed I didn’t have any talents because I didn’t do any of those things. In my family almost everyone is a musician. My father being a musician, put my older brother in that world since he was little. He is a super talented pianist now. And everyone has always praised him so much for that but I never did anything that could stand out. When I was little I used to be in drawing, swimming, taekwondo classes but I quit fast. Maybe it was the pressure or the people or that I was extremely shy. That’s why I never took any other classes of anything, because my parents knew I would stop going and that it would be a waste of money.

I started taking pictures like 4-5 years ago and even though I was fair good at it I never felt it as a talent. I’ve always wanted something bigger. It was this year that I really appreciated my skills and abilities of doing things that not everyone could do. That was moment when I stopped saying I didn’t have any talents. Because the truth is, I did. I would always compare myself to my brother, but I stopped, because as talented as he is at music, he can’t do what I do. Although I felt miserable because I love music because I grew up with it and always wanted to part of it, I realized it wasn’t my thing. My thing is the visual arts. And even though the only thing I can do is take pictures, I love it and I’m obsessed with my talent.

Bottom line: The fact that you can’t do big things like being great at singing or drawing, there are a lot of of things that you can do that not everyone can. Whatever it is that you’re good at, embrace it and appreciate it. Even as little as you probably think it is, you should never say you don’t have talents because you do. If you haven’t find it yet, look for it and you eventually will. Maybe you’re doing it and you don’t know it yet.

On other news I recently reached 100 followers and I’m so thankful and happy for that. Thank you to those who followed me. I will continue to try to keep improving everyday.



Thank you so much,



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