Short story…or something like that.

Hello, since I don’t have anything new to talk about, I decided to write a short story, or part of it, and post it here. This is my first story in English so I don’t know if it’s good, but I wanted to share it anyway. Enjoy it. I’m so bad with titles , I’m going to use this one for the moment, but if you read this and have a suggestion, it’s very welcome.

He Felt It, I know.

That moment said it all. The moment when we crossed our eyes at each other, when despite the huge amount of people that were among us, we were the only one in the room. I’m not so sure he felt the same way but in that moment everything felt more real than life itself. The singing show had finished, and he was going backstage. I was just a fan that went to the show every single Tuesday to see him grow and grow and be more close to winning the whole thing. I knew he was going to win, he was the best.

That first Tuesday that I went to the show, after the magical moment, I searched for him on twitter. Not in a stalking way, of course, I just wanted to make sure that my heart was feeling the right thing. When I finished reading most of his tweets, I was convinced. How was it possible to find the guy that I’ve always dreamed of, without knowing I was dreaming? It’s not like I’ve always dreamed of something specific and he happened to have all the right things. It was that knowing him through his thoughts, I knew that was the kind of person that was perfect for me. The kind of man that I never have met before. The kind of man that where I lived, it was impossible to find. We had an infinity of things in common. He was sort of shy like I was, he liked the same things as me like the colors black and white. We had the same sense of humor. He thought of women like I wanted my man to think of women.

As the competition was reaching to an end, every tuesday we looked deeply at each other. He saw me from the stage, I saw him from the audience. You may think it was impossible, but I was in the audience of the spaces in the stage, very close to him. There were a couple of times he even greeted us. I felt more and more crazy everyday for feeling that way about someone with fame who would never look at me. I felt stupid for thinking that there was a possibility that he felt the same way. Some nights I would almost cry because I was so mad at life that I had found the right guy in someone out of my league.

After he won, and the competition was over, I felt hopeless. He had more fame, he was busy, I wasn’t going to see him anymore. He was a star now. Time passed and I still felt like he was my soul mate. How could I love someone else when I knew about him, when I always would compare everyone to his perfection? No one was going to be like him.

He was having a lot of success. And I still felt stupid for thinking that he was the only one, that I had found my true love at 19 years old, that I couldn’t move on from him. You may think that it was just another obsession with an artist that every girl had experienced in her life, but NO. It was not that. He was the one. I didn’t even think of him as an artist. He was just another man with a little fame.

It wasn’t until one day that I felt hope again. After months of the competition being over, I woke up one day to a weird notification on my phone. It said, “Alex Mitchell (@alex_mitchell89) has sent you a direct message on twitter!”.

I was stunned. It was him, sending me a DM on twitter. What? How did he find me? I was following him but since a long time ago and I never mentioned him or made anything for him to notice me. I kept reading the notification because I couldn’t believe it. When i finally opened it, the message said it was sent at 4:03 am. That was weird to me.

The message said “Allison, greetings, thanks for following me..hugs!”

What in the world was happening?, I thought. That was the only thing I could think of all day.

I couldn’t answer him through DM because he wasn’t following me. But I mentioned him in a tweet saying “Thank YOU..I think”.

I didn’t know what to say to him, I wasn’t sure if the message was just for me. But apparently it was, because I didn’t see anything regarding a message in his mentions.

That was one of the best days of my life. I felt hope again. I felt that he felt it too.


This is a very personal story for me. This is not the end, I haven’t finished it yet but when I do, maybe I will post it. I know it wasn’t very well written and that it wasn’t the perfect story but I wanted to do it and it’s my first so I know the next one will be better.

Have a great day, bloggers.

Thank you,




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