From “Finding Myself” to “A “Minnie” Blog..” …Changes are good.


Hello dear bloggers, I’ve been planning to change my blog’s name since a while but I wanted to do it when I felt free and changed. My blog was called Finding Myself, and although I still need to find things about myself, like every human being, and I still don’t feel free and changed, I decided to change it anyway. I thought it was time to stop being so dramatic about myself and start being just Minnie. Simple.

My new blog’s name is “A “Minnie” Blog..”, and my new tagline is “Making simple deep.”.

It’s very simple but let me explain. It’s A “Minnie” blog instead of A mini blog, because my nickname is Minnie and I thought it would be nice. I don’t know if it’s lame or not, but I like it.

My tagline is “Making simple deep”, because I’ve always been obsessed with simplicity and deepness. And because my writing and topics are very simple but still a little deep, I came up with that tagline. My point is, as I mentioned in a previous post, that you don’t need to make things complicated and with a lot of stuff for it to be deep, meaningful and beautiful.

I changed my header, of course, which I’m very happy with. I found an app called Momentcam that turns you into a caricature. You take a picture of your face and change the hair and design. I found that amazing and decided to add to it some touches in photoshop to use it as my icon of my blog. As you can see, I have a typewriter, my books, my camera and my imaginary cat by my side which are a representation of what I love. The three dots that you see mean that I’m going to keep things interesting and aiming always for more and for freedom. They are a representation of the suspension points, which I love, I don’t know why. They’ve always seemed so interesting for me. And also I’ve always compared them to people. There are people that are suspension points, and there are other who are just periods. I might talk about that in a future post.

I’m very happy with this change. I hope I don’t get bored of it.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death.

Have an awesome day.

Thank you,








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