Where do you find inspiration?



Looking for inspiration is not that hard. In fact, I don’t even have to look for for it. It just comes to me. You can find inspiration in an infinite of things around you. Sometimes, we tend to find ourselves blocked because we are waiting that some sort of idea pops out in our heads. Sometimes you can be lucky and find inspiration like that. But you just have to be open. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see that it’s probably right in front of your eyes. No matter what is for, it can be for writing, for composing a new song, for ideas for photography, for your new choreography..for anything.

I happen to find inspiration in little things. I have a lot of sketches of photos that I want to do. All of those ideas came from reading a book, watching a movie, hearing a conversation, a song, reading a phrase about something, playing a game, being with someone, memories, watching how the light hit on the wall, a beautiful sunset, eating,something I realized about life, etc..

I dare you to try to be inspired by little things. Try and find something useful in whatever it is you’re doing.

Where do YOU find inspiration?

Thank you,




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