First bad experience with a book … Top 6 (Books)

 If you are a young adult, and like to read books for young adults, you’ve probably read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, or at least heard about it. I wanted to read that book since a long time ago. It wasn’t until 3 days ago that I finally read it. I was a hundred percent sure that I was going to love it, like every other book I’ve read, well..I didn’t LOVE every single one, but I still got into the story and liked them at some point. The book I read before Speak, was Where She Went, which is the sequel of If I Stay, which was pretty darn good. I loved it. At first, when I was reading Where She Went, I was so upset because I wasn’t digging it like the first one. But still, after a few pages, many, I ended loving it. I was relieved. And happy.

With Speak it wasn’t the same, though. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it. As soon as I finished it, I watched the movie based on it and it didn’t help at all. When I started, I was waiting for the time that I would change my mind but it never happened, unfortunately. It was so hard to read it for me. I, being so absent-minded, found myself reading a page for like 7 minutes because I kept getting so distracted. I was bored through the entire book. I didn’t like how the story was being told, I didn’t like so much the main character, it just…didn’t captivate me. And this, surprisingly, makes me a little sad because it’s the first time I don’t like a book. It was a first experience.

But here is my TOP 6 ..I have so many favorites but these are the ones that truly made an impact in me.


1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower – This book is like my bible, I swear. It was the first book I read that I chose. Words can’t describe how much this book means to me, and how it has changed my life. Who hasn’t read this book anyway?? You know what I’m talking about.


2. The Fault In Our Stars – This book is just insanely good. It’s the number two in this list but means exactly the same as TPOBAW to me. It has been the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had reading. The fact that the movie is coming out this year, makes 2014 the best year so far.


3. Thirteen Reasons Why – Beautiful. I loved how the story felt alive and how I was suffering with the girl, especially at the end.


4. Hate List – This is the kind of book that you never forget. You can’t. It had such an amazing impact on me. Loved it.


5. If I Stay – Sad, yet gorgeous. Loved the characters. The movie is also coming out this year!


6. Before I Fall – At first, I didnt like the main character but it’s amazing how your perspective is changing through the book about everything. Also a good experience.

What are your favorites books?

Thank you,



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