Letter to myself..Love.

For a couple years, I’ve been harming myself, not physically, but emotionally. I think it’s time that I show me some love. This past month I’ve learned to accept myself, to love myself.

I’m going to be my Valentine today and this is my letter to myself.

Dear self,

I love you. I love how silly and stupid you can be sometimes. I love how smart you can be other times. I love how you see life, the dramatic way you think, the way you OVERTHINK. I love how inspiration is a big part of your life. I love that you have so many dreams, and how confident you are that you are going to make them reality. I love what you want, I love what you love. I love how absent-minded you are. I love that you are so absent-minded that you realized that you were absent-minded at your 18th year. I love how you love the little things. I love how you feel more beautiful when you are with your glasses, in your pajamas, without any make up on. I’m sorry I have been focusing on other not so important things, instead of you. I’m sorry that I believed what others thought bad of you. I’m sorry I never stood up for you. I’m sorry that now is when I realize how important you are, that no matter what your imperfections are, you are as great as you want to be. I believe deeply in you. I love how I love you. Please be my Valentine.


Your dear self.

Don’t wait for others to tell you what you want to hear. It’s great to have someone to love you but you have to start with yourself. This day is about showing your love to your loved ones, it doesn’t matter if is a friend, a family, your bf/gf, or yourself, show them some love. Not because is Valentine’s day but because it is important to let them know how we feel.

You don’t have to buy a gift, and if you decide to buy a gift it doesn’t need to be expensive. Just thoughtful. I didn’t have any money to buy something to my best friend but I wanted to do something for him. And I made him something, very simple, to remind him everyday how much I love him.

This is what I made him and my virtual gift for you:


Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

Thank you,



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