Say what you want to say..


Sometimes the fear of bothering can keep us from helping other people. We often keep our comments to ourselves. And although sometimes that’s the right thing to do, not always is. Especially when it’s positive what you want to say.

If you read something that inspired you, do you tell the person how it made you feel? If you think someone is beautiful, if you are proud of someone, if someone did something good, if someone made your day, made you smile, do you tell her/him? I’m sure not always. I’ve always been the kind of person that never say anything because I’m afraid. Afraid of I don’t know what. Sometimes I think that if I just randomly comment on someone’s post( or whatever other situation) to tell them my opinion, I think that they are going to be bothered(or something else, Idk) because they don’t know me. Sometimes I’m just lazy. But I’m trying to fix that because you don’t know how you can change someone’s live with just a simple comment. With telling them just how you feel. In an extreme case, someone can be about to end their lives because they don’t think they’re beautiful or good enough because no one has never told them so. You can put a huge smile in someone who’s having a rough day just with your comment. An infinite of things can happen.

So I encourage you to just say what you want to say. I’m trying to work on this myself. If it’s positive, just say it, just to let that person know that someone cares.

Thank you,



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