Re-reading a book. (TFIOS)

ImageThe idea of re-reading a book always had seemed impossible and utterly undesirable for me to do. I always thought “What’s the point of reading it again if you already know what’s going to happen?” I thought some people may tell me “It’s the same as watching a movie you like over and over again”. But for me, reading a book all over again was not the same as watching a hundred times the same movie. Reading was a whole different experience. I had to make an exception today though, and leave my comfort zone.

If you have read my previous post about books, you know that The Fault In Our Stars is without any doubt one of my favorites books ( or my #1 favorite, I just can’t choose between TPOBAW and TFIOS, I feel like I’m betraying one or another ). Given the circumstances that the movie comes out on June 6 and that it’s been a year since I read it, I thought I had to read it again. I wanted to wait and read it just before the movie but I couldn’t wait anymore, I missed it too much. I decided to download it on to hear it. A completely weird new experience. If I didn’t like re-reading a book, much less I liked hearing a book. But after 7 hours of hearing a not so pleasant woman’s voice reciting the most amazing book, and making an horrible impression of the character’s voices, I was happy and sad. The story hit me even more this time, which I thought was imposible. I smiled, laughed and cried more. I also understood why people re-read their favorite books over and over again. Although I’m still not a fan of re-reading, I wouldn’t mind hearing them the second time, but it would have to be a books as amazing as TFIOS.

If you haven’t read this beautiful book, you’re missing something big, something that could change your life. Even if you don’t like young adults books, you should read it.

Do you like to re-read books?

Thank you,



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