Exciting news..Traveling to my unknown future.


This week has been a little weird. Well, not weird but weird. The other day I was talking with my father about my plans for the future and what I was going to do. As some of you may or may not know I live in PR and I want to move to the US because there are a lot of more opportunities than here. My older brother lives there, in Ohio. When he came to visit us last September, he told me that I should move with him after I finished college to learn English and study there and that kind of stuff. I told him that I absolutely would but I asked him not to say that just to say it because I didn’t want to get false illusions. The person he’s living now with has 4 children so it’s hard to add someone else to the house. But he told me that it was okay. I trusted him. I was anxious for December to come to finish college and finally move there. But December came, and January, and February and nothing happened. He didn’t even mention it. I was hopeless.

But now my sister is planning to visit them soon, so I thought that I could go with her and see what happens. I talked with my father and he agreed. He told me that this was the opportunity to see if it was possible or not for me to move with him, to see if he would ask me to. My dad spoke with him on the phone to ask him if I could go, apparently he wasn’t so thrilled, but he said yes. I still don’t know when my sister is going to go, I think in a month or so, but I’m going. I should be excited but something in me doesn’t feel right. I don’t know if it is that I don’t want to bother anyone, or the fact that this is going to be the moment that I prove and challenge myself to see if I can really speak English, or the fact that it will just be a vacation and they are not going to ask me to stay. But I guess this will be the moment of truth. This is what I wanted, to finally know if it was possible or not to move with him. If not, then I’m going to work on something myself, and just enjoy the vacation and my time with them. For now, I just have to be thankful for this opportunity and have faith. But I have to admit, I’m extremely scared. Scared that nothing will happen and scared that if it does happen, it’s going to be a drastic change in my life. A change I hope I’m ready for. This trip is going to be like traveling to my unknown future.

Have a great day bloggers!

Thank you,



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