Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams

Today’s daily prompt was to talk about your best dream, or nightmare.


Besides the one in which I’m friends with Zoella and the other in which Connor Franta is my boyfriend, I’ve had two dreams that are the kind of dreams that you wake up and you want to cry because you realized they were just a dream. I’ve probably had more awesome dreams but these are the ones that I remember.

The first one was a revelation of exactly the person I want to be or the person that I am but can’t show. I don’t remember too much about what was happening but I just know I was going to have my driver’s license ( even though I didn’t see any car) and we were on an office and I was so incredibly confident and somehow funny. Someone asked for my help to do something and didn’t hesitate and did it. I was talking with people, being just me. I can’t recall any of what happened but I never forget what I felt, how I felt. I felt awesome and completely happy with myself.

The second one was about being in love. I’ve never been in love. I thought I was but getting tired of someone in 4 months, I don’t think it’s love. I’ve never felt that thing where I admire and feel intensely happy and comfortable with a person. But in my dream, I did. I think we were both at a singing competition and it was beautiful. Again, I don’t remember absolutely nothing about this dream but being in love in it felt so incredibly real. I hope I can feel that way in real life.

I’m sorry I can’t describe them very well. I wish I had written them. But regardless of what happened in them, the most important thing is what I felt with them. I can’t forget that.

What has been your sweetest dream?

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams

  1. I keep a dream journal! Try it, it’s really cool and helps you remember your dreams more. My dreams are weird because it always has someone new in it- friend or foe, ex-crush, instagram follower? It’s strange but a nice escape from reality sometimes.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been wanting to have a dream journal. Idk why I don’t have one yet! I’m going to try writing them down starting today! Thanks for sharing.

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