12 Things That Make Me The Most Coward Person On Earth.


I was thinking of how stupidly coward I am and I decided to make a list and share it with you.

1. I have a license that I don’t use. I’m afraid to drive alone. With someone too. I hate it.

2. The night terrifies me.

3. I can’t sleep without the tv on. I put the timer to 90 minutes but if I wake up at the middle of the night and is off, I freak out and turn it on. I don’t know how people can sleep in the dark, how???

4. One of my biggest fears is the sea but being even in the shore where it’s low, scares me. It’s a good thing i don’t like beaches anyway.

5. I’m afraid to speak with people on the phone, even with family. I don’t do it.

6. Not to mention the fact that if someone I don’t know talks to me ( which is very unlikely ) I never know what to say. This depends on the person but still.

7. It scares me to kiss a boy. Seriously, it takes me like months to feel comfortable with someone.

8. Being in a place with a lot of people is just aghhh.

9. I can’t go to a store and buy something alone. I’ve done it a few times but never on big stores.

10. I can’t get a job (a job where i have to deal with customers).

11. Even with my parents, I don’t sing (not that I can, that’s not the point) or dance or things like that. I just can’t.

12. I’ve never spoke English with anyone. Absolutely anyone. And just thinking that in a month I might have to do it, and that that’s going to affect the decision of if I stay or not with my brother in Ohio, makes my breathing so difficult.


My problem is not that these things scare me. It’s that I don’t do them. There are some people that are afraid of a million things but do them anyway. That’s what i have to work on. But really, some of them are just nerve-racking.

If you experience most of this fears, please let me know so I won’t feel so alone.

Thank you,



7 thoughts on “12 Things That Make Me The Most Coward Person On Earth.

  1. Going out and buying things make me nervous too; I just don’t do it alone!
    Aww, Minnie, reading this list..you’re not a coward! And it’s brave to acknowledge them! You’re amazing, friend!
    šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. I hate the ocean! It’s so big and deep and you never know what is in it. And I also have trouble talking to people I don’t know, or even talking to people I do know. I always feel like I am getting in their way some how. There are only two people I am comfortable with talking on the phone and neither one of them are family, just a few of my oldest friends.
    I used to be afraid of the dark, but now it is where I feel most comfortable.

    I have a fear of being forgotten, if that makes you feel any better. Anytime I go somewhere I am terrified I am going to come home to an empty house or walk in and no one knows who I am. And then I just disappear, erased from existence.

    1. Yes, the ocean is scary!! I also feel that I’m getting in people’s way, always feel like I’m bothering. And your fear is definetely something you don’t hear everyday. I hope you can overcome that fear one day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You need to balance being alone and around people, I was the same. It makes life so much easier when you accept both, we need people but we need to be alone sometimes too. The dark is not bad- the world doesn’t have monsters and strangley I can only sleep if it is pitch black lol
    Have confidence in yourself, sing whenever and talk whenever. If people judge you, don’t care. The extent of which people care about you is low- they care about themselves. Try this:

    It’ll be okay šŸ™‚

    1. You are awesome. Thank you so much for caring and showing me that video. I need to start doing things alone. I don’t know how long it’ll take me but I will.
      Although, I don’t think I can overcome the fear of the dark at night, it gives me anxiety but I’m tryyyying to work on it. Thanks again. Take care (:

  4. Even I’m afraid of the dark at night, alone at least. Just put on some music and think happy thoughts. You can’t be scared of something that only exists for a couple of hours šŸ™‚

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