Guilty Pleasures.

Hey bloggers, here are some of my guilty pleasures.

1. Youtube – Over the last few months I’ve been so obsessed with youtube and youtubers that is just crazy. Honestly, i can’t believe my obsession. I probably spend more hours there than I do sleeping. I love it and drives me crazy that a lot of people make their living of that. That must be really amazing. It makes me want to make videos, but who am i kidding? Although..if I get crazy enough, I might do it. I wouldn’t have any viewers so….anyway, I love Youtube so much, somebody help me.

2. Bread – Ahh I love bread so much. I don’t know why but it’s my weakness.

3. Pizza – If it wasn’t unhealthy, I’m sure I would want to eat pizza almost everyday. I want to eat healthy and maintain a good diet but I’d never stop eating pizza.

4. Korean mini-series – I don’t feel guilty about this. I haven’t seen one in a long time but that’s probably because I’ve already seen all the good ones. I just love when series make me laugh and cry so hard at the same time.

5. DIY decorations – I love these kind of things, especially the christmas stuff. I used to see pictures everyday of diy things. And for bedrooms too. Even for weddings, and it’s weird because I don’t want to have a wedding but I love that stuff.

6. Stardom Hollywood – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put this in this list because I’m going to delete this game soon. It was consuming a lot of time and I didn’t want to spend that much time in the computer. But I was really obsessed with it. It’s no fun anymore because I’m at the top already. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, its a game where you are an actor in hollywood.)

7. Blogging – I’m so thankful for this little cyber space. It has changed me, I don’t even know how. It seriously makes me happy. And I like the fact that nobody knows about this, not even my best friend. Thanks to all those persons who make this blogging thing be amazing.

Happy “Frantastic” Monday (:

Thank you,



7 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures.

      1. I don’t know what category exactly it is but it’s mostly funny things, lifestyle and challenges. Some of the people I watch are Connor Franta, Zoella, PointlessBlog, Marcus Butler and people like that. Whatever they post, I love. I watch some music covers too.

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