My Idol.

I like to call my favorite singers and actors, my idols. And I have so many. And although they do inspire me in some way, they are not really my idols. They are just people I admire for their talent. I look up to them but not everyday. However, I do have an idol. I think it’s the first time that I really mean it. I’ve known her work since almost a year, and the truth is that she inspires me every single day.

This person is the one and only, Brooke Shaden. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, besides being the kindest person ever, she is a fine art photographer (the best) who is very well known in that industry. She is also a writer, an amazing one. I’m sure everyone can be blown away by her work, despite what they like. She creates these worlds that only she can imagine. Most of them are dark but that’s what she likes to do, she says that she likes to find beauty in what others find disturbing.

This one is my favorite.


The way that she describes the process of doing a picture, how she finds inspiration, how she is able to make that world look real, with such passion, is just beautiful. I think I’ve seen all her videos on Youtube because I learn something from each of them. She is part of the reason why I changed and decided to change my attitude about life. She helped find beauty in it, and feel capable of doing what I want to do.


There’s nothing more I would like, than to meet her one day and go to one of her workshops. I guess I’ll have to wait until I speak English, have money and live in the US. 

I’m so incredibly thankful that I know about her and proud to call her my idol. If you’d like to be inspired, here is her new blog Promoting Passion.

Who is your idol?

Thank you,



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