TQOR Award! (:

This is so amazing. I was nominated for apparently, a very special award. It’s called The Quintet of Radiance Award and it consists of four awards. Weeee, weee, weee, weeee!





I want to give a huge thanks to the wonderful Insidethelifeofmoi for nominating me. I’m not just saying that because she nominated me, I’m saying it because she is really an amazing writer who I’ve come to admire and respect. She has accomplished so much with her blog, and she truly deserves the 1000+ followers she has. If you haven’t check her out, go and do it, you are not going to regret it.

First Award: The Influential Blogger Award. 


Second Award: The Awesome Content Award


Third Award: The Inner Peace Award


Fourth Award: The Sunshine Award


Now comes the hard part of accepting the award, I have to describe myself using the alphabet. Hehh, let’s see how I do.

A- Artsy

B- Bashful

C- Creative

D- Deep

E- Embarrassed

F- Forgetful

G- Grateful

H- Hopeful

I- Introverted

J- Just

K- Kind

L- Liable

M- Mysterious

N- Noiseless?

O- Odd

P- Perfectionist

Q- Quiet

R- Random

S- Sarcastic

T- Tenacious

U- Upbeat

V- Venturesome

W- Whimsical

X- Xenodochial? 

Y- Young?

Z- Zany?

Uff, finally.

Apparently, you can nominate as many people as you want. So I’m just going to nominate the people I read the most to keep it simple. This award put a big smile on my face, I hope it does the same to you.

I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens


When We Mumble


My Life, As A Story




Thank you all so much for everything,








10 thoughts on “TQOR Award! (:

    1. Thanks! And I’m sorry that in further awards I will keep nominating you, your blog is one of my favorites.

  1. Yay! Congratulations 🙂 Loving the cute little pig with the wind in his ears! I was also impressed by letter X – and your none use of ‘xylophone’ – very impressed!

    All the best with your blog and keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! Haha I’m glad you loved the little pig, I’m obsessed with it! And the letter X, well obviously I had to google it, otherwise it would have had to be “xylophone” too hehe !

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