March Favorites And Why I’m Quitting Blogging Forever



It’s already April. AHHH. That means that I have only 9 days left for me to go on vacations and find out what I’m going to do with my life. It’s really scary but exciting. But it also means that I have to pick my favorite post of March as I have done every month.

Now, I want to clarify something, I didn’t chose this post because the blogger who wrote has nominated me for an award twice this month, or because she’s one of my favorites. The minute I read it, I knew it was going to be in my March Favorites.

I’m not going to explain what is it about because the title is pretty self explanatory but I’m just going to say that this the one of the best posts I’ve ever read. It’s funny, honest and so brilliant.

This is the post: 

Psychoanaly-TEXT: The Psychology Behind Texting and it is by Insidethelifeofmoi 

Check it out guys. You’ll be amazed.


Okay, here comes the sad part, blogging has been incredibly amazing for me. It has made me feel happy, and not lonely like I used to feel. It has been more enjoyable than I expected. But lately, something doesn’t feel right, it’s not like it was before. I think I need some time to figure out some things about myself. And besides, some of you make me feel so bad, I’m so jealous of you all. I’ll never be that good. I don’t think I’ll blog ever again. However, I leave WordPress gratefully because everyone has been so amazing and sweet and because it has made me see that there are incredible people out there.

Thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting and nominating me with awesome awards. Even though it was short, it has been one of the most beautiful and different journeys I’ve experienced in my life. Thanks for being part of it.

You all are so talented, keep up the good work. It was a pleasure.

Bye fellow bloggers.

Thank you,




HAAAA! April Fools!!! Did you actually believe it? I mean, not that you would actually care if I leave WordPress or not but… I’ve never done an April fools’ joke before, I wanted to try it. I mean, it wasn’t really a joke but… omg, I’m so stupid, that was so lame. I don’t know why I did that.

I would never stop blogging, at least not for a long time. It’s the only way that I connect with people.
I apologize for my stupidity. Have a great day.

Thank you,




8 thoughts on “March Favorites And Why I’m Quitting Blogging Forever

  1. Oh you really got me then! I felt a sadness brewing up inside. So glad you’re sticking around, you joker you! Thank you ever so much for nominating me for your march favourites – that’s amazing. I feel very honoured 🙂

    And keep blogging! Xx

    1. Haha well I’m glad I got you! I will keep blogging (: Your post was so amazing so it was a pleasure to have it as my March’re welcome!

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