Flying Solo

The time is coming. I was getting really excited because I was going to fly with MY SISTER this Thursday to my brother’s house in Ohio. And like I wasn’t stressed enough already for having to probably speak English, now I have to fly alone. Me+plane+airport+1stop+a lot of people+english+alone = total disaster.

A few years ago, when I spent my summer there, I had to come back alone but my sister in law walked with me to the gate and I didn’t have to get off the plane. Nevertheless, it was still awful. Sitting between 2 people that you don’t know, nodding and awkwardly smiling pretending you know what they’re talking about, not having anyone to talk to, it wasn’t pretty. But again, it wasn’t that bad because I didn’t have to get off the plane and look for a gate alone in an airport. I knew I would have to experience this at some point of my life, I just didn’t know that it would have to be now. It’s not definitive yet but still, I’m so mad that she had to tell me 2 days before the day. I was expecting something else, I was expecting waking up at 5 am not bothering me at all because I was going to travel, I was expecting being bored and tired on the plane but having someone to share that with, I was expecting feeling protected and having fun.

I really hope that she changes her mind. And if she doesn’t, I guess I have to change my attitude and try to make the most of this experience and feel good being independent for once. However, wish me luck please, because I’m scared.

Thank you,



6 thoughts on “Flying Solo

    1. Thank you so much, but the things is that I actually haven’t speak English with absolutely anyone, I think I’m going to sound stupid. But thanks (:

  1. What is your first language? (if you don’t mind me asking…) I find it hard to believe that you would have any trouble speaking English. I have never had trouble or stumbled over anything you have written.

    Also, I would be terrified just to get on a plane! I have never flown and I have only been inside one airport for like 10 minutes. Going into the airport alone gave me enough anxiety to swear off flying for life.

    1. Well, you can imagine a person like me that basically suffers from social anxiety being on a plane and then having to make 1 stop and then having to get on another plane alone. It really terrifies me. My first language is Spanish and I’m not very fluent in English, I’m too scared to speak English with someone. I think it probably has to do with my accent or with being afraid that I”ll stumble or that the words won’t come out right.

      1. If it helps, a lot of people whose first language was English are horrible at it! And accents are awesome. Try not to worry so much about it. Good luck on your trip!

      2. Yeah, it’s true. I’m reaaally trying not to worry so much and just do it. Thank you so much.

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