Vacations: Day 2- Crying And Smiling.

I cried and then I smiled. After I wrote my post yesterday, I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore. I cried a lot and I mean, a lot. For my luck, it was when I was alone in the house and nobody saw me. I told my sister though. And she immediately told me that she was going to come. But then, when I was eating with the family I didn’t feel as bad as before. There weren’t all of them in the house, but I felt more comfortable, I think. While I was waiting for my sister to pick me up, I stayed in the living room talking with my brother, I got to see my nephew who is omg so big, and it wasn’t so bad. Then my sister came to pick me up with my niece and great-niece to go shopping, but it was late, so we only went to one store. I didn’t buy anything. And then we went to Starbucks, and I felt cool. I also fell in love with my great-niece because she is so yummy, and so happy, she is always smiling and I think she likes me, I think so.

This has all been weird, overwhelming and intimidating for me but I’m sure it will get better.

PS. I think you should congratulate me because last night I slept without the tv on, in almost complete darkness. And I wasn’t scared!! Can you believe that? The vibe wasn’t as bad as it is in my room, I don’t know why. Ahh I felt so good (:

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Vacations: Day 2- Crying And Smiling.

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have a cry! Everything seems better after some tears are shed. Hope you’re okay. Oh, and congrats on sleeping without the TV on, in (almost complete) darkness! đŸ™‚

    1. Haha thanks! And yes, when I feel bad about something I always try to cry because then I feel so much better! I feel like if I don’t cry I can’t move on! It’s a strange thing.

      1. I feel the same. If something is really bothering me and I have that bad feeling inside, I go somewhere quiet and cry it off. Afterwards I feel back to my normal self. I find crying very therapeutic, and yet some people find it embarrassing or shameful.

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