Seeing Snow For The First Time.


When I came here, the last thing I expected was to see snow. I didn’t even think about it. But this weather being so bipolar..well, I freaking saw SNOW FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! But omg, it was so cold. For the people who lives here maybe 32°F is not that cold but for a person who lives in PUERTO RICO, believe me, it’s cold. And although I was warned that yesterday was going to snow, I decided to put on my less warm clothes. A person who always wear warm clothes and boots, on the coldest day of her life, decided to wear ballerinas, a t shirt and a very light hoodie. I think it goes without saying that I was freezing. But overall, it was a nice experience.

Today, I’m going to look for vintage dresses, hopefully will find one. And then see when i can go and take some pictures. I’m so excited for that.

Things are turning out great, I’m still a little uncomfortable in this house but I’m getting over it. I’ve learned how to make the best out of these situations. Even if I don’t stay, even if I don’t like being in this house, even if it’s cold, I’m just going to have fun and take advantage of this opportunity and spend my vacations in the best possible way. I hope you make the best out of bad situations too.

PS. I just watched the trailer of If I Stay and I’m dying. I can’t take this. TFIOS in June and If I Stay in August! Life is good.

Thank you,




8 thoughts on “Seeing Snow For The First Time.

    1. It’s healthy having a positive attitude! Thanks! I’ve been in Florida a couple of times, and they were definetely great vacations! Thanks for commenting.

  1. Trust me, the snow gets old fast. When I first moved to CO (moving from Texas) and saw my first snow, I was like, “This is amazing!” Then, a couple months later, after having cleaned the driveway five-billion times, I was like, “Please make it stop!”

    1. Oh yes, and I can understand why. Everyone tells me the same. But it is pretty cool seeing it and when everything it’s white, especially for a person like me who loves white. But yeah, I definetely wouldn’t want to deal with snow for the rest of my life. Thanks for reading. (:

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