I’m Not Scared Of The Dark.


Now, I like making mistakes. I like saying the wrong thing. I like doing the wrong thing. Making bad decisions. Being bad at something. Being criticized. Being scared.

Well, it’s a little ironic, but I’m not scared anymore. Maybe I am, but I’m not scared of being scared anymore. I want to keep making those mistakes I do when I take and edit photos, because I keep learning and learning.

I’m not scared of the dark (literally, I’ve been sleeping without the tv on). But really, being in those dark places of your life, sometimes can bring amazing things to you.

I’m so happy because I bought super cheap vintage dresses and I have a lot of places to go to take pictures. This photo wasn’t planned at all, but being in an attic with a lot of mattresses and dresses, I decided to take advantage of it. At first this photo didn’t mean anything, it wasn’t expressing a feeling and I hate that because then it’s so hard to explain it. But when I finished it, I kept looking at it and in some way, it represents me not being scared anymore to be in the dark( literally and metaphorically). It’s the start of a new fearless me. Ahem..I’m still scared to be alone in the dark and of a lot of things but you get what I’m trying to say..right?

And because it’s Friday, it’s time for some quotes

          Always do what you are afraid to do.

          Ralph Waldo Emerson

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