Innocence (We Are The Painters Of Our Sky)

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve finally made this picture, a picture that I’ve been wanting to make since the moment I was interested in this kind of photography. Of course, it didn’t turn out EXACTLY how I imagined it but I learned from it. The concept may seem cliché, but it is personal for me. Besides, the day I took it, was one of the most fun days of my life. I went with my sister and my niece to the park, and I was so embarrassed because there were people there and they were looking at us because I was with this weird dress and running because I didn’t have much time untill the sun dissapeared. And then, near the place where I was shooting there were people kayaking. Some other people saw me almost nude because I needed to change clothes to A WEDDING DRESS. And for the other picture, I needed a stool to lie down on it, and we left it on the car, which was not very near from when we were, so I told my sister and niece to try to hold me, but we failed miserably. After we got the stool and did the other picture, my sister asked me if I wanted to go to the cemetery, the sun was disappearing, we would had to run, but I said yes. So, in the car, I was trying to change again to the wedding dress and when we arrived to the cemetery, some girls that knew my niece came to see what we were doing. And then, some guy came too and he kept waving at us asking us what we were doing. My sister was hysteric because she thought maybe it was offensive for him to be on a wedding dress taking pictures at a cemetery. But we kept screaming and laughing and setting the camera, and the guy kept walking fast asking “What the hell are you guys doing” but none of us told him anything. My sister was screaming, telling me to hurry up and I literally took just one picture which probably means absolutely nothing but was totally worth it because of all the fun and adrenaline that we had..well, maybe just me, my sister was scared and stressed.

I was so happy because in one day, I did 4 pictures and because I’ve always read the experiences photographers go through when taking pictures and I finally had my first one. I felt that I was doing the right thing.


To talk to you a little about this photo, it’s about the innocence of a child. I used to care so much about other people and life. I even wrote a song that my only wish was for people to be happy and in peace. It’s a little sad when we forget about all of those things. So this represents me as a child, no matter how dark it was, I always wanted and believed that it could be brighter.

We shouldn’t loose that innocence. Maybe we don’t have control over other people perspectives of life, but we do have control over ours. We are the painters of our sky.


PS. I don’t think I’m going to write a post about the picture of the cemetery but I wanted to share it anyway. Here it is.



Thank you,




7 thoughts on “Innocence (We Are The Painters Of Our Sky)

  1. I love cemeteries. There is always this odd creepy beauty about them. Both pictures are awesome! I now want to go take some pictures in my local cemetery.

  2. Wow!!!! When this popped up in my reader, I loved it! The pictures are wonderful – well done 🙂

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