From Dark To HAPPY.

I’m very pleased to tell you that I’m happy. And the best thing is that is not for any particular reason. I think it’s so much better when you are just happy because “why the heck not?“. Sometimes we tend to wait to achieve or do a certain thing to feel happy when we can be happy for just being. And like I say, I need reasons to be sad, not to be happy.

When I started this blog last summer, I don’t think any of you followed me back then, but I was in a strange place of my life. In a place where I was used to be, for years. For me it was easy being so dark and depressed, but something inside of me wanted to get out of that hole and see life. I’m not going to tell you why I was like that because it would be a very long post. But I want to share this poem, the first poem I wrote in English, and the first one in general that wasn’t for any assignment that explained exactly how I felt. I’m glad that I read it now and feel absolutely nothing like that.


Dark, alone, afraid.
Is this really who I am?
Waiting for the wind to blow,
is this really my life?

Why me? Why now?
The sun is not shining
The moon light is weak
Is this really how it’s going to be?

The stars are screaming
They’re trying to tell me something
I can’t hear, not anymore
I feel like I’m leaving

Save me now
Before the rain get lost in the sea
Before my blood stops
Show me how I’m supposed to be

Time is dying
And I’m still the same
My sky is more blue
Can you tell me where to find faith?

You found my soul
But haven’t see me
I can see the light
You’re going to set me free

It was all in my mind
Just a product of my thoughts
I don’t feel alive anymore
Maybe the strings inside of me just broke.


This picture represents a little how I felt at that moment.


In some ways I’m still a dark person, but now I’m hopeful that everything is going to be okay, and I’m stronger so I won’t let little things change my mood and much less who I am. I AM HAPPY.


Thank you,



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