A Very Short Story | Tomorrow Will Be Late.

When I was studying Film, I had this very short story in my mind that I wanted to take to the screen so bad, but I couldn’t and it was probably better in my mind. I wanted to share it with you anyways.



Tomorrow Will Be Late.

He was seventeen, not very social, so he spent most of his time on the local library where he could be alone with his most beautiful treasures, books. His name was Nicholas. His family loved him, especially his little brother Nate, who suffered from syndrome down. Nate was constantly mocked in school and didn’t have friends, just his brother. But since Nicholas was never home and always focused on stories, he indirectly rejected him, even though Nate was his favorite person on the world, as he used to say.

One day, Nicholas was at the library searching for the next story to read. As he searched and searched, he found a book on the floor that grabbed his attention because it didn’t have a picture on the front or a title. When Nicholas started reading, he was surprised by the similitudes that he had with the person narrating the story, they both had a passion for reading and they both had a little brother with syndrome down. He realized this wasn’t just a book, it was a diary.


A week later, Nate asked Nicholas to take him to the cinema to watch a movie he wanted to see. But Nicholas as always, told him he couldn’t because he was going to the library. Nate kept begging him and it all ended up in a big argument with screams and slammed doors. Nicholas went to the library anyway, promising Nate that tomorrow he would take him. Nate was left crying and devastated because he was never able to spend time with his only friend.

That evening in the library, Nicholas was more and more captivated by the diary, he couldn’t stop reading. But he had to stop when he read some words, “I wish I could have give him my tomorrow. I don’t want it anymore, not without him. I never thought my favorite person in the world would disappear from my life like that, if only I.. would have taken him to see that movie..if only I would have forgot about me for a second and gave him the attention he deserved..he wouldn’t have gone to the movies alone and been hit by that car..if only my last word to him wasn’t “tomorrow”, a “tomorrow” that now doesn’t exist…..-Nicholas”

With tears in his face he ran and ran hoping to find Nate at home. When he arrived he couldn’t been more happy to see his brother just about to go. He hugged him like he hasn’t seen him in years, and whispered to him “I promise there won’t be more “tomorrows”. There will only be “nows and todays”, because that’s what you deserve my friend. I love you.”


I know it was a little cliché, but I hope it wasn’t too pathetic and didn’t bore you that much. I just think it’s important to give time to the people we love.

Thank you,




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