You’re Pretty.


I never use makeup, just eyeliner. I don’t blow dry, streighten or curl my hair, just my bangs. I only wear boots and rarely vans or ballerinas, never ever heels. I only wear black, grey and white, very simple clothes. I never paint my nails.

For years, I’ve been like this. Maybe it’s because I’m a freak when it comes to keeping my face and hair healthy. Maybe it’s because I’m just simple like that.

I’ve never been girly nor wanted to be. I don’t mean that I look like a boy, but I’ve never been into pink( even though I dyed my hair ends hot pink once), skirts, heels or looking that femenine. I always wore a black t-shirt with jeans and converse. I’m not like that anymore, but I’m still pretty simple.

But the thing is that, as good as my skin is, as not that bad as my hair is, as comfortable and as much as I love to dress and be simple, these things are not being enough lately. I don’t know if its that I’ve been watching a lot of beauty gurus on youtube or that I’m simply growing up. But suddenly, I want to look pretty and polished. I still want to be simple because there is nothing more that I love than simplicity, but I want my hair and face to look good, I want to dress more elegant, sometimes I even want to wear heels (WHAAAT? That is insanely weird for me.)

And I’m not saying that I can’t be pretty if I’m not like that, like society wants you to. But I don’t even know if I like wanting to be like that, I don’t know if it fits my personality. Maybe I’m too scared to change and grow up.

What I want to tell you anyway, is don’t be scared to change a little bit. We should not change to meet society standards. But if you feel nice looking a certain way, then do it. There is nothing wrong to wanting to feel pretty as long as you know that you are already pretty and that no matter what your shape is, how you dress, how you walk, how you speak, what your color is, you can feel beautiful because you truly are.

I will be open to new things and styles, as long as I feel great, and as long as I do it for me.

Keep smiling.

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “You’re Pretty.

  1. Great little post. Take it from someone a little older, you will go through many different styles and looks throughout your life and if you are anything like me, it will take you a long time to truly like the way you look. It’s partly a female thing, and partly a society thing. Be aware that the most beautiful you ever look is when you are truly smiling, guys will find you attractive even when you have no makeup on and are wearing the worst clothes and it will baffle you, the most attractive you are is when you are comfortable with yourself and enjoying yourself, as a woman your biggest mistake and the hardest habit to break is comparing yourself to other women, wear whatever makes you feel good whatever society has to say about it. I always look best when I have got ready and put my makeup on in a good mood, liking myself, I always smile in the mirror when I am doing my hair and makeup, and I try to enjoy doing it, it’s kind of meditative. Try out all different kinds of styles and find one that suits you. I like to wear makeup and from time to time dress up, but I also like wearing jeans and have no issue going out of the house without makeup on. What is inside you will come out, so concentrate on finding ways to love yourself and that will show in your appearance. Also you seem very creative – let that come out in the way you look. Also – do you create all your photography and images yourself? I just love your images x

    1. Thanks!! Thank you so much for commenting and saying all those couldn’t be more right. Whenever you smile, you feel 10 times more beautiful. And yes, I create all my photography, the ones that are like the one from this post are from google, but all the pictures that I’ve been posting lately and the ones in my “Fine Art/Conceptual Photography” page in my blog are mine. Thanks again 😀

      1. Yes it was those ones I was talking about – keep that up, I think you are very talented there. They are really …. unique and fascinating. You are welcome, it’s not easy being a girl, I know.

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