Don’t Wait !


I used to be the kind of person who would have too many ideas, too many things to want to do, but did absolutely nothing. And that is because of the perfectionism. I’m not saying perfectionism is bad, but it’s not good when it’s holding you back from doing things that you love to do, or would like to learn.

When I thought about something, I always said, “I’m going to wait until…”. I always postponed things. It was either something that I knew I would be bad at, or something that i wanted to wait until I was better, or simply I didn’t feel ready. But I learned that for the majority of things, I’ll never be ready. If you keep waiting and waiting to be ready, you’ll never be. There are things that you just have to do at the moment.

The other day, I read a quote that said something that hit me, “What things would you do if you didn’t feel you had to judge your result? Would you finally start painting, singing, writing, dancing, acting, photography? Start enjoying your creativity, instead of expecting to create a masterpiece.” I think I was meant to read it at that moment, because it is so true. Can you imagine how many things we would be doing if we didn’t expect to be so perfect? How many adventures would we have? How many things we would have learned? I’ve been struggling with wanting to be perfect my entire life, and although sometimes it’s good, it has come to a point where I haven’t done anything interesting because of it.

I told myself not to wait anymore for things. If I want to learn something I will do it, if I want to create a new photo, I will do it, if i want to write a post about something, I will do it.

I started when I created my Facebook Fan Page for my photography the other day. I had thought about it for a while but kept waiting until I had more good photos, but I realized that maybe in my opinion, they were never going to be enough, so I just did it because I didn’t know how many opportunities that could bring me.

Don’t wait. Don’t wait until you have better photos, don’t wait until you have more followers, don’t wait until you have more likes, don’t wait until you are perfect, don’t wait until you are ready. You’ll never be.

Thank you,





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