Lost Inspiration.

I wanted to share these photographs with you, because for the moment, my inspiration is very limited. And I know that inspiration is everywhere, I see it in every little thing but I don’t have anything to talk about because I haven’t been doing anything different. And the same thing has been happening with my photos, I have a ton of ideas but the only place I have to shoot at is at my white wall or black sheet and a lot of my ideas are a little complicated to do for the moment, so I feel like I’m doing the same kind of picture over and over again. I also left my dresses in Ohio, so I won’t have too many clothes options for about three months. I was starting to get frustrated because I don’t want to say that I’m lacking inspiration and that I ran out of ideas, but I won’t force myself anymore. I keep trying to push me to do a new photo because I have this urge to create and learn but I will try to let things flow at their own peace..and I don’t know exactly what I mean by that but..I think you get what I’m saying. More ideas will come, when they come.

While I think for new topics and new photo ideas, enjoy these two photos that I did yesterday and today.




Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Lost Inspiration.

  1. I love how most of your pictures have the face covered. I feel like it helps convey the emotion by giving the viewers a chance to see themselves in the picture. I love art without a face.

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