“Personality Thief”






I used to feel so confused about myself. Even writing about it is confusing because I never truly understood how I felt. I thought I had lost myself. I felt I was bipolar. I didn’t know which “me” was really me. Sometimes I felt I was a positive person, sometimes I felt I was the opposite, sometimes I thought I was a smart person, I thought I was serious, sometimes I felt like I was a completely different person.

For many years I struggled with this. And it is completely normal considering I was a teenager, and every teenager go through this phase of “who exactly am I?”. And while we struggle with this, we tend to copy a lot of personalities. Seriously, how many times have you started to act like a certain person and try to be exactly like them? Talking from my experience, I have acted like other people so many times. And that’s because you are confused. And maybe some people have been extremely secure since they were kids, hence they didn’t go through this, but personally, I find this a little hard to believe.

And here comes what I want to say, it’s completely okay. It’s completely okay to feel confused about who you are, especially when you are young. It’s completely okay to “steal” others’ personalities while you find yours, or while you create yours. I feel like we need to go through these sort of things to understand ourselves. And it’s also okay to feel bipolar, although you are not. Sometimes we feel like even when we are not trying to be anyone else, we are not being ourselves, but all of those personalities are yours. Our “personality” is full of other “personalities”. But all of those combinations are what make us unique, they are what make us who we truly are. Embrace your mood swings, embrace your different styles, embrace your different thoughts and believes.

Thank you,



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