What Doing A Puzzle Taught Me.



Weeeee!! I just finished my first puzzle! Honestly, I didn’t think it would take me only like 4 days, but I guess that’s a lot for someone who is used to them, especially 500 pieces puzzles. But that doesn’t matter, I’m actually proud of myself for not giving up and being able to finish it. I got so into it that I had a lot of dreams about it.

While doing it, I kept comparing it to life situations.


-Like when you have an empty space in your life, and you have a piece in your hand that you’re trying to fit in it, but for some reason it doesn’t and you try and try because you are so positive that it’s the right piece, and then later found the right one and realize why that other one never fitted.


-And that sometimes you have to continue and move on to other parts of your life to be able to figure out and complete the others.


-But obviously the most important one, to keep looking, keep trying, be patient and enjoy it.


Yes, I just compared a puzzle to life. This is the moment for my favorite pig again. Weeee!

I seriously love him.


Thank you,



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