One Thing I’m Going To Miss.

This is one of the things I’m going to miss the most when I leave Puerto Rico. Witnessing and being part of cool things my sister does.

When I was little, apparently I didn’t like my sister, she was studying far from where we live and I don’t remember saying a single word to her, probably because I don’t remember almost anything about my childhood, but the reality is that we never talked.

We don’t remember when was the moment we became “friends”. But it has definitely been a blessing to me. She is older, smart, wise and talented so in some ways, she has played the role of another mother to me, a role model. She is also single without children, and have a very good job which contributes to the fact that she has been able to take me to places with her and that kind of stuff. She is honestly the reason why I’ve experienced and know a LOT of the things I know nowadays. I have so much to be thankful for to her.

She has been taking acting classes for almost a year now, because she loves it and luckily is very good at it. And I have been part of so many adventures with her. I know all of the plays and roles she has done because I always help her and watch her rehearse. Let’s say I’m what she calls me, her assistant.


And this weekend, I was with her and her class in a place here that is where the biggest plays are, because they were rehearsing for the graduation(or one of those talent shows) of the academy she goes to. And for a person who spends her days, locked up in her house with no one to talk with, being able to be backstage and meet different people and famous people of where I live was just amazing. I didn’t talk much because I’m so shy like that, but I enjoyed it so much. Yesterday was the day of the show(so, it’s all over now) and they all did such an incredible job.

I value so much the adventures I have because of her, and will always be thankful for them. That is one thing I’m going to miss a freaking lot.


Thank you,



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