Not A “Simple Girl” Anymore?


I’ve always been the kind of girl who was just simple, natural without the need to use makeup or try too much to look pretty to feel good and special. And I love being this kind of girl. Also the few male friends I’ve had have told me the same, that I was weird(in a good way) and cool because I wasn’t like the majority of other girls. Because of this, I took the role of the simple weird girl even more serious. I was completely fine with always dressing the same, not girly, with just using eyeliner and my natural hair. I felt that if I changed some of that, I wouldn’t be considered weird and cool anymore. I would simply be like the others.

When I started in 8th grade, my first year in a public school, I dyed fuchsia my hair ends. At that time, that wasn’t so common like now, and it was very very fuchsia. Besides the fact that the first day of school I almost got sent back to my house because of it, a lot of people kept complimenting my hair and the whole school knew me as “the girl with the pink hair”. Me being the contradictory person I am, even though I’ve never liked having attention, it was cool that people noticed me for my pink hair. I had my hair like that until I was in 10th grade that I finally decided that I wouldn’t let my hair define me. I would not longer have nothing special but it was time to make a change.

It has always been hard for me to make these kind of changes, over the years I’ve been becoming more and more normal. But that’s what i want to say with this post. We don’t need to have a certain style our entire life, it’s completely okay to try new things. The other day, for the first time, I used makeup, I put BB cream on, filled my eyebrows, used lipstick and did my hair. I don’t like eye shadows or mascara so I kept it very simple, but it was a change. I felt so good. I also tried to dress nice.

Because I am a “simple girl” I felt guilty and bad for sometimes want to look nice and neat. But I decided that that is not who I am, if I want to feel pretty for a day, I ;m going to do whatever I can to feel that way. If that day I feel like dressing girly, I will try it. If other day I feel more rocker, then I will try it too. You should dress how you feel like that day. Don’t let a certain style limit you from other things.

There’s nothing wrong with making changes and trying new things with your appearance. I understood that already.

I will always be a “simple girl”, but in my own way.β™₯

Thank you,



8 thoughts on “Not A “Simple Girl” Anymore?

  1. This is so true! ❀ Some just feel like you've changed too much just cause you've been fixing yourself more neatly these days. -.- but change is inevitable anyway and we're still actually simple compared to lots more of the others who do more of this stuff. πŸ™‚

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