Why You Hate Your Own Voice!


hate my voice

Let’s start with something more dynamic, shall we? Raise your hand if you like your own voice…..now raise your hand if you DON’T like it.

raising hands_


Yep, that’s exactly what I imagined.

I’m sure you can relate with me when I tell you that when I hear my voice in a recording, it feels like there are 346 knives going through all of my body. Mortifying doesn’t compare to what it’s like. We feel like we’ve lived in a lie our entire life. We even start to feel sorry for the people we talk to, because the voice we just heard is annoying as hell. We look something like this when we hear it.



So, if you ever wondered if you were the only one..know that you are not alone. We all suffer this. And if someone doesn’t, please tell me how the heck do you do it.

And here comes the saddest part, that voice that we hear in a recording, unfortunately is the voice that everyone else hears. *dramatically starts crying*


This is why I did some research to understand why exactly our voice sounds so different in a recording. And after finding a lot of complicated stuff like this:

“The answer has to with the sensory apparatus for hearing within the middle and inner ear (i.e. deep in the skull). When we hear, a series of events occurs (sort of like a Rube Goldberg machine, except that it isn’t over-engineered) whereby sound waves (really pressure waves) are transduced or transformed into an electric signal sent to the brain and interpreted as hearing. When you ‘hear’ my voice, the sound/pressure waves leaving my mouth enter your ear, and the process of events happens in series. When you ‘hear’ your own voice, however, not only do the sound/pressure waves leaving your own mouth (call this the external stimulus) reach your ear and activate this series of events, but a second thing happens. The physical act of producing speech, which involves contraction of the muscles of the larynx (and others), creates a vibration that is translated through the neck to the skull where the entire auditory transduction apparatus is. This delivers a second (internal) stimulus to the apparatus. The combination of the two stimuli is what you perceive as the sound of your own voice.  But you are the only person who hears it this way because you are the only one who can produce both stimuli. Everyone else receives only the external stimulus.”

I finally understood that it is simply because when we talk we hear our voice through our skull and everyone else hears it in free air, therefore it’s not going to be the same.

We hate it because we are used to hearing this voice our whole life, and then when we hear a completely foreign voice that it’s apparently our real one, we are not used to it. But it’s reality. We just have to get used to it, which I find it quite impossible. Keep listening to it to see if you hate it less.

Don’t worry, for everyone else your voice is completely normal. Unless you are one of those few people that really have annoying voices. If that’s the case, then you are screwed…no seriously, just try to love it because that’s just the way it is, unless you want to try a different voice.bb725dc2902fa35843400b3363e0a4313d9e7846754845ec12ad2cba18860d7a

Thank you,





9 thoughts on “Why You Hate Your Own Voice!

  1. [ Chuckles ] If you’ve done radio advertisements; chances are, you are going to appreciate your voice even though it might not be 100% pleasing to you; what matters most is: that others find it attractive.

    By the way, I enjoyed your post and the scientific explanation given.

    1. Everytime I hear mine, something inside of me dies. It’s awful. And what about seeing yourself in a video? For me I think it’s even worse haha!

      Thank you (:

  2. This is the right web site for anybody who would like to
    understand this topic. You understand a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that
    I personally will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on a topic that has been discussed for ages.
    Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

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