“Burned Memories”

Burned Memories

Here’s a photograph I did yesterday. I had so much fun trying to tease my hair(which didn’t work quite well honestly) and covering it with baby powder that I couldn’t stop smiling. Although I was so careless with it that my shoes, my eyeglasses and my CAMERA ended up covered in it too. But overall I had fun, and that’s what’s most important.

Thank you,




8 thoughts on ““Burned Memories”

  1. You are quite artistic.The best thing about this picture is that you have depicted that burning memories is not always heart-wrecking. There is an element of vibrancy in your picture, her dress! Some memories have to be burnt and left behind for good!
    I like the optimism and strength exhibited in your photo while watching burnt memories crumble!

    1. I absolutely love the way you see it! Thanks for commenting. It’s so great to know how people can see more than what I even imagined!

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