“The Right Path”|A Day In A Private Beach

I wish I could tell you every little adventure that we had that day at the beach, especially THAT ONE, but I will keep this post appropriate and let your imagination run wild, although I don’t think you’ll ever guess it..*sighs*..oh god!

Anyway, last Friday some family friends invited us to a private farm which only a few people have access to. And at the end there was the beach, a very pretty one I must say. It’s a little odd that me living in a country with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I don’t like them, but there are a few that amaze me. They still terrify me..but sometimes I do like to be in the shore just listening to the waves with people I love.

To get there we had to get in trucks and vans for about 15 to 20 minutes. There were cows in the shore of the road very close to the vehicles which I was quite excited about because for some reasons I love cows..aren’t they just so cute? It was definitely an adventure just to get there.

I’m really sorry..for some reason this is the only photo I took worth seeing of the way. This was actually when coming back, and there was so much movement so the photos weren’t great.

We were having a good time, and I was so pumped to make some photos there, so we had to wait impatiently for the magic hour to shoot.

After several walks in the sand, cold food, sugarless coffee which was insuperably delicious, a bathroom less beach and a me that wanted to pee, my cousin’s sandal lost in the sea (R.I.P), a very good nap, something I had never done before, and laughter and more laughter…the magic hour finally came. Well..not really, but it was time to go to the spot where we were going to take the picture.

Now, the sand..the FREAKING SAND! So hard to walk on, aghh! I wanted to take the photo at the other end of the beach so after suffering, almost crying from having to walk on the FREAKING SAND, we were surprised to see that there were a few people in that area, and that it was actually not that pretty. So we had to go back, this time REALLY almost crying and yelling at my cousin! The people we were with were almost ready to go so I couldn’t wait until the lighting was more diffused to shoot. With a few people watching us, and the cruel wind, very little time, I thought the photo wasn’t going to turn out good but when I edited it, it was all right.

This is the photo, my cousin modeling, and the beach we were in.

The Right Path

bef and aft
                     And this is the before and after!

I love this kind of days where you have to wake up early, and every thing is an adventure because a lot of things are very hard, but you choose to whether be mad about it, or laugh, enjoy the moment and remember it as a great unforgettable day.

Thank you,



9 thoughts on ““The Right Path”|A Day In A Private Beach

  1. You know I always do that- never take pictures and forget about it until I realise that I have to write about it. Then I curse not taking them.
    Bathroom less beach? God, that’s terrifying to me. What if you had to go poo instead of pee?
    The picture you edited is remarkable! I mean, really Minnie you’re fabulous! So talented. Wow, just wow 😀

    1. Yes, when I was leaving the place I thought of writing this post and regreted so much not taking pictures…
      haha I know right? Some people might go to a solitary place in the woods or something but I wouldn’t dare to do that even drunk haha!
      And thank you so much, you don’t know how much that means to me 😀

  2. Fantastic. I love seeing the original photos and the edited ones side by side. You should share the before more often. It really shows the talent and hard work you put into your work.

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