The Beauty Of Stormy Days.



(Read this while listening to this video, it’ll be more fun)

There’s something about rain, thunders, the sound of the wind and black skies that I simply adore. I know that storms can be dangerous and very inconvenient for some people but regardless of that, stormy days are definitely in my favorites. They bring me peace and make me see life differently.


– The power goes out. Again, this is very inconvenient for some people a way it’s wonderful because.. 29TH_POWER_COL_1067777f

– There’s no electronic entertainment. There’s not tv, and you have your computer and cellphone until the battery dies. I love this because.. Happy-family-together-vector-4

– The family has to be together. In the daily life, some are watching tv, some are in the computer or they are all in their phones. This leads us to.. playingcards

– Board and card games. My absolute favorites. There is no better way to spend time with the family than these sort of games which usually are replaced by video games, phones and pretty much everything. – Because there’s no electricity, there’s no light. When night comes, everything is dark. The streets are dark, the house is dark, the shower…everything, so it’s very common to see this: candle2

– The silence becomes captivating. You can hear everything more clear, the sound of cars, people whispering, people’s steps and all the insects that you didn’t even know could emit a sound. – Your street normally becomes a river.. flood_house_5C – The trash cans sometimes like to go swim in them. – But the most important thing is that EVERYTHING is an adventure.

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