“Endless Melody”| My Suitcase Will Have To Go

When I came back of my trip to Ohio on April, I left my suitcase in my bedroom because I thought I would be moving there soon. That “soon” was at first June, then it turned into August and now it’s..unknown.
 In one of my recent posts I told you that I bought the ticket for the 27th and that I was going crazy because I was scared. I also told you that I had a big discussion with my sister because I bought it without telling her and she told me that she had to talk with her mother (the person I was going to stay with) first.
Well, she talked with her, and so did my father. And apparently she didn’t like what I did because she thought I was going to go with my sister, so of course it was going to be easier for her because my sister would take care of me those first days. But because my sister can’t go, she said that she couldn’t take care of me alone because she was always busy. My father was going to talk with my brother(who lives there too) to ask him if he could help me those first days to establish myself. But then my sister’s mother texted my dad telling him to cancel the flight, and that even though we were looking for other options, she wasn’t comfortable with the decision. She told him to stick with the original plan of going with my sister.
You can imagine how I felt of course. Besides devastated, I felt uncomfortable. If I had known that I couldn’t go alone I wouldn’t have bought the ticket and make my dad lose all that money. I only did it because my sister told me several times that I could go alone. But her mother told us that she said it sarcastically. Believe me, I’m very familiar with sarcasm and she didn’t say it “sarcastically”.
Now, I basically have to wait to October or November until my sister( who i haven’t talked to since the fight we had) can go. I have to depend on her again.
I seriously wish there were other options for me to move because now I feel like I’m going to bother my sister’s mother. I wish I could go now in August and not have to wait until god know when.
I’m surprisingly taking it better than I expected, but I’m still sad about it because I don’t know what’s going to happen and I certainly don’t know what I will do in my house these months. But I have faith that something better will come up. The last thing I need to lose now is my positivity.
But..can someone please adopt me?
I took all the anger and dissapointment that I had and put it into a photo, and I couldn’t have a better therapy than that. This is the photo I did yesterday, enjoy it.
Endless Melody
Endless Melodybandafte
Before and after..or oops, should I say after and before?

Thank you,



4 thoughts on ““Endless Melody”| My Suitcase Will Have To Go

  1. Hi Minnie this is a highly unusual photographic composition well done. 99.9% of the pictures on WordPress have little or no imaginative input from the camera operator. Thanks for showing me something different. Andy

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