Nutella Frappe Recipe.


As simple as this is, I thought it would be nice to share with you one of my favorite things in the whole world. Where I live, this is huge, there are thousands of small and business that sell it, so it took me by surprise that the last time I went to the U.S it wasn’t as popular as it is here. The delicious nutella frappe. I’m not sure if it’s a frappe or milkshake(those terms confuse me), because where I live there are no such things as milkshakes or smoothies. Basically, everything that is blended with ice, we just call it frappe. So, my apologies if it’s not called like that.

Months ago, when I goggled the recipe to do it, they all said to add a lot of milk, a little bit of vanilla extract, not that much of ice and of course, nutella. I was doing it like this, but it always ended up like “yoo-hoo”. I got frustrated because it wasn’t like the ones I’ve had before. I kept wondering and wondering what was the secret. Well, there was no such thing as secret, my brother told me how he thought it was, and we tried it and HOLY AGUACATE, was it delicious.. It’s not a secret or special ingredient, it’s simplicity.

First, fill the blender with ice almost to the top, like this:


Then, add just a little bit of milk. Or you can even add water, it’s just to make the blending process more smooth.

hielo leche

And the final thing, 4 spoons of yummy nutella.




And now, just press the “ice crush” button and stop when it looks something like this.



When it’s done, you can add whatever you like such as whipped cream, cinnamon and cherry. Now, just enjoy it.






Sometimes in life we focus in searching for that special thing that you think you’re lacking when the simplicity that you already have makes you more special that any other thing that you can possibly find. More of that “less” is often more.

Thank you,



7 thoughts on “Nutella Frappe Recipe.

  1. In ways I wish I hasn’t read this because now all I want is a Nutella Frappe. And one will never be enough 😦 I also heard that there is supposed to be a Nutella shortage on the way. I imagine it’s going to be like the apocalypse. Thanks for this!!

    1. Haha believe me, I wish I didn’t know about it because since the first time I tried it, I haven’t been able to give it up. I have a strong will power, but my love for it is so much stronger….And ahhh WHAT?? I hope those rumors aren’t true, because the world will go crazy!

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