5 Reasons To Not Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough.


1goodenoughA minute ago, I was writing a post about how I didn’t feel good enough. About how there’s a line after “good” that I never get to cross. I’m always average. About how much inspiration I had, and how much motivation I was lacking. But after 300+ words, I thought that I decide what content I put out there for the world, what part of me I want you to see. And definitely, the negative one is not it.

So, instead of me rambling about how I want to write, take photos, and make videos but finding an excuse not to, I decided to help all of us who are feeling this way with reasons why we shouldn’t feel like we’re not good enough.

Whether you are an artist and you think that your creativity is not reaching the level you want, or just someone who doesn’t feel good enough as a person, I hope these things that I found can help you in some way.


1. The people you compare yourself to, compare themselves to others too.

As much as everyone have said this a million times, it’s never enough. And as much as you know how bad is to compare yourself to others, it’s never enough to make you stop, because we are humans, and our little minds are just like that. Just know that those people that we think are so much better than us, feel the same way we do.

2. There is more right with you than wrong with you.

Instead of focusing on the things that you’re not good at, focus on the ones that you are. A few months ago, I went to a psychologist because I thought I had social anxiety, and I was telling him how I was so afraid of people and wasn’t able to make friends. And he told me that maybe I was focusing in how I can’t, instead of focusing in how I could make the ones that I do have. (wow, I swear in my head that made a lot more sense.)strive-for-progress-not-perfection

3. Focus on progress rather than perfection.

When we strive for “perfection” we forget to see how far we’ve come since the beginning. For some people becoming better, takes one try, but maybe for you it takes 5. It doesn’t matter, celebrate every progress you make. Strive for more, but be happy and grateful with what you accomplish now.

4. Likes and comments are not that important.

As much as they seem like they indicate how good or not is what you do, they don’t. I know it’s hard to not see it that way, and I include myself, but as long as you love what you do and are truly passionate about it, everything’s okay. If you love it, it will show. If someone else loves it, others will too. It’s good to be recognized for your passion, but it’s better to be able to recognize how happy that passion makes you feel regardless of how many likes and comments you have.

5. Don’t stop trying.

When you want to achieve something, and see how fast others do it, while you think you’re not making any progress at all, do you stop? I can tell you myself that sometimes I’ve stopped. And that is going to be your biggest mistake. No matter how far it seems, if you’re consistent, you can do it. If you stop half way, chances are that you probably are not going to be good enough. Find a motivation and don’t stop.

Almost all of the things that we worry about, are completely relative. So even if you think you’re the worst, someone else will think the opposite. Just make sure that you can see yourself that way too. Everything it’ll be easier.

You are good enough. We all are.

You are special

Thank you,





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