“Take Me Away”

There’s something about doing these kind of photos, not having a clue of how they’re  going to turn out that is rewarding and adventurous. I went to shoot this picture yesterday, but to my surprise, it was darker than I thought. I don’t trust so much in my camera, and I thought the photo wasn’t going to work. I left feeling disappointed but at the same time happy because I tried and I knew that if it failed if was going to be because of the poor lighting. But I decided to try and fix it the best that I possibly could and the attitude definitely helped me. At first I didn’t like the pose, nothing was how I expected, so as always, I over edited it. I looked at it and told myself to leave it simple. And for the first time, I closed the one that I already edited and started again. And I felt happy with the result. This is the before and after. I hope you like it.



Take Me Away

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