Something that I don’t understand about living in 2014.

I never reblog, but I had to this time. Exactly my thoughts on this generation.

Things with Lucy

I’m going to start with some phrases that you’ve probably seen on your travels around twitter, or Facebook (if you’re on there using it for pictures and group messaging, or you’re my mother)

‘I just hate people’

‘I hate meeting new people, so awks omg’

‘Pizza is my only friend’

‘I’m just so awkward, omg life’

and my personal favourite, ‘As long as there’s free wifi’.

Now, I’ll not sit here and pretend that I don’t love free wifi and everything it brings me because, let’s face it, I’m sharing these words with you  right now using the internet.

BUT, what I want to focus on is that the trend for people my age this year is to be socially awkward. Or at least, talk about being socially awkward. I must say that of course, some people really do struggle to interact with others because of anxiety and such…

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