How To Break Free

Do you ever wonder why we don’t do some of the things we want to do in life?Break Free

Well, some are simply because we physically can’t, some are because it might affect some people, and other are because we are chained to things that don’t let us.

We are attached to perfectionism, to fear, to comfort zone, to people’s opinions, to negativity, to someone, to material things, we are chained to that little voice in our head telling us that we can’t.




The first thing that you want to do is to want it. And I mean, want it enough, be decided and determined to achieve it.



Now, you need to identify what’s keeping you from getting it. Whether it’s fear, perfectionism, lack of knowledge, find a way to get rid of it.

Obstacle - Man Jumping Over Word on Arrow


But for that, you need to get rid of negative thoughts and negative people first. With pessimism you’re not going to get far, and with people around you that make you be even more negative, you won’t be able to do anything at all. Be positive, maybe you are more focused on the bad things that you can’t do instead of the ones that you can. Remember, we are the painters of our sky.



Celebrate every little achievement you have made and reward yourself. If you were a shy person and now you’re doing something that you were afraid to do before, celebrate it. Some things may seem too little for you to notice them but they are surely a step forward.



Be patient, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, maybe it can take a while. Have faith and most importantly, believe in yourself.


Break free from whatever it’s holding you back. Don’t stay the rest of your life complaining about things if you are not going to at least try to do anything about them. And don’t keep waiting, the moment is now.

Holding myself 2

What do you have to break free of?

thank you, minnie copy



7 thoughts on “How To Break Free

  1. Your photos here are breathtaking by the way 🙂 and loved the post….
    I need to break free from negativity I’d say, like, I’d like to learn to like myself.

    1. Thank you (: that’s a really important thing! You’ll see that when you become positive and love yourself, your way of seeing life changes’s not easy but you can do it 😀

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