New Music For You: Artists You Should Know About.


They say that the world would be a mistake without music. And now I say, what a mistake is the music of today for our world.

We need music for everything. That’s not something that you like or not, it’s a part of our nature, it’s part of our lives. But it really breaks me what people consider “pop” nowadays. It’s sad. As fun as the may be, as catchy as they are, as much as they make you want to dance. They are all the same. They repeat the same meaningless phrase over and over again including several “baby”s , “yeah” and “oohh”…and then what? They drop the beat! And…repeat! Ooh yeah baby, I’m not lying and you know it.


I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that music, everyone listen to what they like. But I think it’s a problem when practically the only music that gets really recognized is the one that sometimes doesn’t even deserved to be called “music”. We shouldn’t be “boring” either only listening to piano and ballad songs that make us want to sleep, but I think there’s other music that more people should know about. When I downloaded Spotify, I discovered new artists and songs that made me feel like I was in the clouds. This music is not for everyone, but if you want to listen to something a little different, check these out.

My favorite singer is Kelly Clarkson, but I’m going to skip the real famous ones on this post. Some of the ones that I’m going to mention are famous but not as they maybe should.

(Click the pictures to go to their youtube channels)

Can I be her? She’s so natural and beautiful!

1. BIRDY– It’s such a shame that I knew about her just a while ago for her soundtrack of TFIOS. But it’s better late than ever, because now she’s definitely on my favorites list. She’s an 18 years old singer-songwriter from England with such a unique and beautiful voice. Her songs are amazing and some covers like “Skinny Love” and “The A Team” are just….<3.


2. TROYE FREAKING SIVAN– All the youtubers here have to know who I’m talking about. He’s not only one of the most funniest youtubers out there, but he’s also a very great singer. Recently he launched his first EP “TRXYE” and it is AMAAAAZING! I don’t know what it is, but it has such a cool sound. I’m so happy with his music, and his voice is oooohhh…just like his face. Check him out please!


3. ANGIE MILLER– You know how sometimes you get obsessed with a contestant of American Idol but then when the show ends, you forget about them? It has happened to me before but no with this young lady. She surprised everyone in one of her auditions when she sang an original song she wrote ..and WOW! One of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It’s called “You Set Me Free”. And last christmas, she released two christmas songs, one original “This Christmas Song” and a cover of “O Holy Night”. It made me scream of excitement because Christmas for me is AHHH and christmas music even more, but that’s for another post. Anyway, her songs have been always on repeat, and she’s about to release her first EP “Weathered” this November 12. YAAY!


7. ALEX & SIERRA– Winners of third season of The X Factor US. They are a very lovely couple with lovely voices with lovely songs. Their debut album “It’s About Us” comes out on October 7 and the few songs I’ve heard like “Scarecrow” and “Little Do You Know” are really pretty.


5. SUSIE SUH– I’ve only heard like two or three songs of her but the first time I listened to “I Do”, I fell in love. She has such an amazing voice.

And these are some random songs that I’ve found and personally loved:

NIGHTCALL by London Grammar


DREAMER by Isbells

USE SOMEBODY by Kina Grannis

COLLIDE(Acoustic Version) by Howie Day

Alright, that’s all I have for now, I can’t wait to make the Christmas version of this post. If you check these artists out, let me know how you like them. If I was a singer, I’m pretty sure I would be a mix of all of them.

What Type Of Music Do You Like? What Artist Would You Be Like? And What Singers Do You Think Should Be More Recognized? Tell Me (:

thank you, minnie copy


14 thoughts on “New Music For You: Artists You Should Know About.

  1. Love a few of these! Definitely Birdy, omg. I will make sure to check out your other suggestions as well, thankyou! I’ve been looking for some more music to listen to!

  2. Thank you for sharing new music for me to listen to. I write and perform music and I truly love all kinds of music. This song by Vampire Weekend is always playing on my droid:

    I think that Frank Turner doesn’t get enough play. He’s awesome.

      1. It has a way of growing on you after you listen to it a few times. BTW, the photo that you used for this post was perfect. I like the idea of dreaming about music, plus it has a little bit of Alice in Wonderland in it as well. Nice!

      2. Thank you (: I’m not going to post it where I post my other photos because I feel it’s not as good as it should be but for this post it worked. Oohh Alice in Wonderland, I like that. Now I want to do another one with that theme.

  3. Oh Spotify is SO my favourite app! Thanks for the recommendations, can’t wait to check them out. I already love Birdy and thought Alex & Sierra were great in X Factor. Here’s a couple of my favourite artists from New Zealand you might like: Gin Wigmore and Brooke Fraser.

    1. I used Pandora for a long time…I never thought about downloading Spotify but when I finally did, I understood why people loved it so much..although I’m not very happy that they deleted some features like the “top songs” on each category. Thanks, I will check them out (:

  4. I found birdy a few years ago when she did the remake of skinny love, her voice is amazing! Collide is also a beautiful song, and I will be sure to check out your other suggestions 🙂

  5. I agree 400% about Troye Sivan. He is fantastic.

    Another fantastic singer who is not as recognised as he should be is Tom Odell. FANTASTIC. If you haven’t heard him listen to Another Love, Heal or Long Way Down. Xx

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