Don’t Carry That Weight.

Don't carry that weight

To everyone reading this, I invite you to let go of that baggage just for this moment, or for a while. That depends on you.

There are things that we should worry about because without them we won’t be able to live. But there are others that only weigh us down. They are not necessary. I’m not going to give examples because if you possess one of those unnecessary suitcases that contain only stress and unhappiness, you know what they are.

If you have a problem or feeling down, talk to someone. Or distract your mind doing something positive. Or you could just have faith that everything is going to be fine. Get your suitcase, put it on the ground and sit on it. Don’t let it own you.

From now on, I’m going to be putting quotes on my photos so people can share them. So please, feel free to share them with your friends on social media or wherever you want. It would be my pleasure. Thanks (:


baa weight
                     Before & After

I would love to hear your feedback ❤

Also, just a little quick note. My birthday is on October 9, so it’s really close and I’ve got a surprise for you. That’s all I’m going to say :D..okay, bye.

thank you, minnie copy


18 thoughts on “Don’t Carry That Weight.

  1. REALLY!!! Such a great attitude. With my 2 kids and school going back I had no time at all and got flustered. i just imagined I was Mary Poppins, and nearly flew away. I really abhore all that seriousness, and unfortunately live in one of those well-heeled places in London where women spend all day polishing their Louis Vuitton handbags on their cashmere rags. Vile. I really need to break-out of here. Utter utter contempt…..

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